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2016 Was Not That Bad (Personally)

On the 26th of December I went out with my boyfriend, a friend who is studying abroad but came home for the holidays, and two of his Russian friends. That's when I realized how far I've come in my journey with anxiety.

I had no anxiety and I was having drinks with two strangers!! I was joking and laughing and discussing stuff like communism and taxes and politics - subjects I do not feel good talking about because of my lack of knowledge -, having no babies - subject I know a lot about because it's basically just your own opinion - yet in the past I would feel anxiety at sharing an opinion that might not be generally agreed on -, and more.

I was casual from the first 5 minutes of meeting them and I never felt awkward or stupid or, well, anxious! It was comfortable like we were friends since forever and we were meeting for warm drinks, whiskey and beers on a cold winter evening. And lava cake, oh, that lava cake was delicious! And I only started drinking after the first hou…

Friday Reads || 23rd December

Friday Reads are a thing in the book-bloggers-world where people talk about what they plan to read this Friday (and for the rest of the weekend). I always thought it was fun and decided to do my own Friday Reads!

This is the Christmas weekend so I am kinda busy, but I will make time for reading. I am reading two Little Black Classics as a way to cheat and win the Goodreads challenge for 2016. Today I started It was snowing butterflies by Charles Darwin and I plan to finish it this weekend. It's basically some of Darwin's observations during a voyage. Also, I want to read A Hippo Banquet by Mary Kingsley. Another book with an explorer's writings. I am really working on my non-fiction reads this weekend.

On Saturday I have a morning shift and the lines are only open for three hours, afterwards I will be on my own until 2 pm, with no phone calls, so I will continue listening to Dune by Frank Herbert. I am truly enjoying it and so far I am able to understand everything (someti…

How to Survive Christmas

Now I do not really know why people are so stressed around Christmas. But then again, I have no freakin' clue why they cook so much and spend so much and do so much... But then again (again), I am a bit of a Grinch so Christmas is at times superficial and way about consumerism for me than about... giving and loving and spending time with the family. So I don't care enough to get stressed around Christmas.

And, yeah, this year is different and I do a bit (of a lot more) of caring, but I only focused on the important parts like giving time and money to those in need, buying presents for my family to make up for me not being there, and generally just enjoying the holiday events and Winter traditions. So here's what I do to not get stressed, and not be a Grinch this year!

Eat to Survive Christmas! Now do not eat so much that you'll get sick (unless that's your thing). Try special things you only find at Christmas - like Christmasy doughnuts, Spekulatius biscuits - anoth…

Christmas Shopping

Continuing with the Christmas theme, I am proud to announce that I am done with my Christmas shopping. The plan was to be done and have everything shipped yesterday, but on Friday I bought the last gift and seeing how I have night shifts, it's pretty hard to ship everything on Saturday. So Monday is the shipping day!

This year I went a bit crazy shopping for my family. To be honest, I f**king missed them and I realized that in November. This year I didn't see them much, but it is hard to realize I miss someone until I finally see them again. So I am showing my love by showering them with gifts and I will buy plane tickets to visit them in February. The plan is to visit them more next year (plane tickets are f**king affordable!!) and do more things with them - especially with the kids; the kids in my family are amazing (even the teenagers).

That being said, I spent quite some time in malls this month and observed things... like companies not paying attention to who they hire - …

Christmas List

I am back, but let's not talk about that and instead focus on how you can put the Grinch away this Christmas and embrace Buddy the Elf! I am usually a Grinch, but he is on a vacation and I found myself experiencing this Christmas in a total different way! 
So here's a list of things to do to make the world better and feel better about yourself:
Get involved! Do you have a Charity Group at work? 'Cause I do and the whole year I was a bit anxious (hello, social anxiety) to participate in any of their projects. But when I got the change to be Santa for a kid whose parents can't afford to buy a lot of presents this Christmas I hit the reply button instantly and BAM I was a Santa! My kid was a sweet 9 y/o girl and she made me (well, Santa) a very creative Christmas card.Donate whatever you can! Go through your closet and get rid of clothes you no longer a wear - don't be a Scrooge and make sure you don't give away unwearable garments. There are a bunch of clothes co…