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Up in the Air by Ann Marie Meyers // Review

Disclaimer: The e-book version of this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit that in the beginning I wasn't too into it. The tone of the book is way too mature for a children's book and it put me off for a moment, but afterwards the story finds its voice.

Not necessarily my type of children's book - neither now as an adult, nor when I was a kid, but there is enough to keep one entertained. Knowing myself, as a kid I wouldn't have been satisfied and would have loved to learn more about the magical land of Chimeroan where dreams come true and kids learn to fly or become dragons.

I did want more of the characters - for a children's book (especially middle age), story is important, but so are characters and getting a good idea about other persons, not just the lead. For such a complex story I was have expected more on the character development side.

But in the end, the themes in Up in the Air are important and they are presented in a si…

Good Morning, Really

It's my day off! Granted, I am not pleased with my March work schedule - I work three days, one day off, five days (night shifts!!), JUST one day off, two work days again and the month is over -, but anyway, I will go ahead and enjoy my day off!

So here I am, typing away on my new laptop ♥ as a way of procrastinating... because although it is my day off, there are so many things to do! My shop is on a break because life is a bit too overwhelming at the moment and I was only getting depressed by not working on my shop. Since the shop is no longer my main source of funds, I put it on break while I get everything else sorted.

These couple of days I plan to clean the house and organize it a little bit. Also, I and my partner decided that we will make a conscious effort to keep the house tidy for as many months we are going to be still leaving here (I cannot wait to move, but we gotta save some dinero for that first). Yet life is still busy. I am doing some online courses that I really…

In the Mood for the Universe

I want to read more non-fiction, and not just memoirs (I got that set), but more science non-fiction like physics. Today I am in the mood for some Universe knowledge and while I spend my time reading about gravitational waves I realize that I am missing some notions and it is harder to understand some things. So I need to brush my physics.

See, this new thing I am doing with doing what I want to do when I have some free time (I am at work right now) is making me enjoy life more. Before I would have made a mental note (or on my phone) to make time (even if I had the time) for reading on gravitational waves and watch TED videos about space, but right now I am just doing it.

Okay, it's time to stop reading about physics and the Universe and do some work - while listening to Hamilton because for the past two weeks I caught the Hamilton bug (again), or maybe I will watch SNL videos from when Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted the show.

Busy Bee

Today I read a few more things that are altering some of my ideas - see what happens if you subscribe to everything and then you do not have what to do at work?

One of them is how... in order to be happy or content or something like that you have to learn not to care. And I do not mean to be a heartless person, but just to feel less guilty and do more of what you like. To see if something is worth caring or thinking too much about just ask the question "how is this going to affect me or matter in 5 years from now?" - and that way you discover what's truly important, so clearly me not doing laundry today is not going to affect me in 5 years.

And the other one is... to not be busy. I make huge to do lists and try to keep myself busy and do everything in one day (if possible) just so I would feel like I did something today. But no more! I will continue to plan things (that's who I am), but not be like "today I must REALLY do laundry or clean the stove". Sure, …

On Little Joys and TV

The main objective (although not consciously set) of my blog when I was a teen was to record everything from silly ides to time passing to any art piece in any form that I got in contact with and that touched me in some way.

So, here I am, blogging at work. Never thought this would happen. But I just read an article on Brain Pickings - Hermann Hesse on Little Joys, Breaking the Trance of Busyness, and the Most Important Habit for Living with Presence and it did made me see clearer this idea of constant seeking to be entertained and forgetting to stop and enjoy the little things and that there is a difference between things that bring joy and things that just entertain.

I am a big consumer of media and last year I was spending a lot of my time watching every show and every new episode every single day. But then I stopped and now I am paying more attention to not only what I watch but how I watch... I did not give up any shows and while I am behind on a lot of them, I plan on catching u…

Back to Never Knows Best

I feel like blogging and I have a few blog post I could work on (February Wrap Up, March TBR, Weeks in Review, Fitness Chronicles and so on), but the truth it I don't want to work on either of those. I want to just... Here's what I will do. This month I will blog like I did in high school when my posts did not have a subject or anything and they were basically brain dumps!

I got some flowers at work for International Women's Day - I am pretty sure yellow flowers are my favourite (and obviously daffodils are my all-time favourite).

 Speaking of work, I am having a lot of fun working on a service with a Polish guy (it's really hard to talk about work without really talking about work because it's confidential), and usually when there is need for more investigation on a case, the exchange of words is really on point, technical and lacking humanity. But not this guy - which makes it more interesting, our conversations are "Dear, technical dump, Have a great day, …

Friday Reads || 3rd February

It's time for my first Friday Reads... posted at 6 am on a Saturday morning. Maybe I could distract your attention by pointing what a good picture my phone took in super low light - the only source of light was the light from my LCD monitor -, pretty neat, am I right?

Okay, now let's talk books - this week was a bit on the super-busy-put-too-much-on-my-plate side, so reading took a second place as I preferred to relax with Grey's Anatomy after my long days (and some audio-books in the last two days of February).

However I could not miss a Friday Reads (although I did) so this weekend I am reading The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket, the 2nd book in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I am having a stay at home weekend (and a night shift on Sunday), so I will read all of this month's weekend readings for the Shakespeare project and then browse some magazines like World of Animals and National Geographic. Happy reading!