On the Mind #2

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Easter's On The Mind Conclusion: 

The family vacation was awesome and the important thing turned out quite well. That's all I have to say about this (plus I did a life update quite recently).

As for this week... I have two morning shifts left and then I am free all week. If the weather is pretty, we are going camping this weekend - but it snowed a few days ago and a bit yesterday (hello, it's April). To be honest, I miss Spring and I want warm days and I want to wear my Spring clothes and shoes. Out of topic: I wasn't the biggest fan of Pantone's color of the year but I think I am way too suggestible and I bought two greenery-sh items in the last week. That being said, here's my weekly to-do list!

PROJECT "Make the House Pretty!"

Where I live has a great influence on my well-being and mood. We plan to buy a place of our own in the next couple of years, but since the rent on this flat is cheap that means I will have to live here and save more money. So this project is going to take a while - probably until June when mum comes over and will clean the entire house!

Alas, until then I am stuck with all of the work:
  • donate the clothes from the balcony - one bag a day on my way to work/or when I have errands to run and the donating box is on my way (great start on this one as I just donated a huge bag this morning);
  • replace some electrical scary things around the house - it is really out of my area of expertise so that's about how well I can explain it (hubby already tried on his own to solve this but it seems he is no better than I am and we have experts coming on Wednesday);
  • tidy up the house... - this is the never-ending one: the kitchen is doing great, but there are a lot of boxes and shit to put away or find a place for or something (also, we need to work on keeping the house tidy).
I learnt my lesson from last time and this one I do not have a huge list that I pretend is not that huge and totally doable knowing my history of procrastination!

On the MISCELLANEOUS part we have the rent for the past three months - I just need to make time to meet with our landlady and make copies of everything (we fixed the drain last month and then some other things in February).

If we are going camping then we should probably get the grill ready and the tent and sleeping bags and everything that we need. Also this week: find hubby's birth certificate and draw Georgia's portrait - maybe one day I will be more brave with my drawing plans and have a separate section like I have for...


This week I have one more book for review then all the time in the world to reread American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I ordered some books because yesterday was World Book Day but I doubt they will get here by the end of the week. Other than that... lately I am trying to go with the flow when it comes to reading because I am still in a bit of a reading slump... I will not mention that I am really behind on my Shakespeare (well, I just did).

And that's all, folks! I am really excited for May because I start my new job and hubby just agreed to buying a bigger fridge when my parents come over - it's all part of making the house prettier and myself happier!

// Andreea

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