Otaku Sunday: Spring is Here (Kinda)

It has come to my realization that the reason I find it so hard to write Otaku Sunday monthly (if not weekly) is because I am always trying to have a subject. But we also have established last month that I feel better blogging subject-free and just letting my thoughts flow. So from now on I will attempt to write about anime and other Japanese obsessions more.

That being said, let's talk about what anime I watched today (Sundays are usually the days I watch the most anime hence how Otaku Sunday started years ago):

The Spring season is here but I will no longer make a to-watch list like I did with the last season because I am more than certain that I will not watch everything on the list. I will just go with the flow this season and the flow took me to Hinako Note. I am sad to say that the opening was more entertaining than the episode.

Some parts of it are cute and funny, but let's face it, the story and most scenes are really boring. I am not sure if I will continue because I already have so many other anime shows to watch. I guess I will write next Otaku Sunday the fate of this show. But as of right now it is not a positive one.

Because I should say a few words about the anime, it tells the story of a socially awkward girl whose talent is to be a scarecrow - she just gets along with animals. She moves in the big city to purse the theatre club at high school and she lives in a house that is also a library and a cafe - also, the residents must work there and she meets the other girls that live in the house: one likes to eat books because books are friends, another looks like an elementary school kid but she is the oldest and then there's the landlady who is also in high school and into theatre.

I've noticed that my taste in anime (at least the season one) has changed - I am looking less for the good storytelling thought provoking kinds and I am more into silly comedy shows. But this one, although has some amusing art style at times, fails to entertain me.

Fortunately for me, I have yet to finish the second season of KonoSuba, so after watching the dreadful episode of Hinako Note, I watched a couple of episodes of KonoSuba and laughed my ass off - KonoSuba is about an alternative RPG medieval reality where hikinito (shut-in/hikikomori) gets to after he dies alongside the goddess who sent him there.

I did not have high expectations for this anime, but my hubby recommended it to me and I watched the first season in a couple of days. It is surprising and funny, it does not pretend to be something more than it actually is - which is a silly comedy with crazy characters, but it somehow manages to develop the story and the characters as well. And it is just damn entertaining and it keeps me interested - I am a sucker for the flying cabbages, the frogs and Chomusuke!

Have a lovely week!
// Andreea

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