In the Moment

A big part of my day was spent reflecting on the way I do things, think and prioritize. My friend K. told me to do more of what makes me happy, but the truth is I find it hard to decide what makes me happy and this way of doing things is not good for me because cleaning does not make me happy although having a clean and organized house does. So... it is easier said than done.

Over the past couple of months I talked a lot about living more in the moment and doing more of the things I want... I think this is a better way of putting it, as there are some things that make me more happy than others but I have things I want to do more than some of those happy things - do I even make sense? Or is want and happy the same?

Let's just say I am flexible and I can switch between those two? I mean, it makes me really happy to spend a Saturday reading in a bubble bath, but obviously I could not do that all the time. So for now I will simply concentrate on building habits, finding balance, being productive, and maybe discipline.

I guess rather than making a list of importance with the things that make me happy, my focus should be to live in the moment and do what I want now. And this is pretty much my last month and I am getting better and better. This week started even better. I am challenging myself more (this week I am bringing home-cocked food to work every single day) and doing more of what I want rather than what is expected of me. Even though I do not have time for everything I want to do (because I want to do so many things and I have a lot of interests!!) it does not bother me as much. As K says, there is always tomorrow...

// Andreea

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