Each day I wake up with a strong desire to jump out of bed. I wish this excitement for life will never go away, but I accept if I will have lazy days when the blanket will hold me tighter and the bed will be too comfy to get out (especially if he'll be next to me sharing the same laziness, but that's another story) or my mind will just decide that it will not allow me to live at my fullest. Because no doubt it will happen one day... I will not lie to myself or anything like that, those days are not in the past nor will they ever be. They are part of me now and I learnt how to deal with it sometimes.

Luckily these days I am the happy-go-lucky active me and I plan to take advantage of this Andreea. I am still on the I-have-so-much-time high that I talked about for the past couple of weeks (can I say something new, please?!). But it is time to take this energy and concentrate it in another direction - that of becoming a better me with a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight in the process.

Weight is something I do not easily talk about. I've been chubby since forever and although I have days when that does not matter, most of the days I do not have a good impression about myself. Which makes me feel even worse because I know it is all that society junk I am being fed on a daily basis, but alas, I want to feel better in my own body. I do not think I will be happier when I will get to my desired weight, because I am pretty happy with my life (not with the way I look, but it does not weight that much on my happiness influence). I just want to do this.

So starting today I am taking better care of what I eat and especially how I eat and while I won't count calories (because I tried that and figuring out how many calories a thing I cook has - hence not standard food that I can find on the internet - it is taking way too much time and frustration), I want to at least track my nutrients.This month is quite busy so I am aiming for going to the gym once a week and workouts at home - plus more walks because the weather is nice.

Anyway, I have the motivation and energy and I am finally doing this. Like I am being mindful about it and... I will update you more on this.

// Andreea

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