A Daily Fresh Start

My story with a healthy lifestyle and mainly healthy eating is a roller-coaster. I wake up, I decide I am going to join the healthy lifestyle, I do everything perfectly and then I have a bad day when I eat some chips so if I am already eating chips while not eat them all? And then what is the point of eating healthy again if I ruined it... and this is how it goes.

Until a few weeks ago when I decided that going totally healthy from the start is hard and it won't stick to me, so I just turned around and looked at things differently. First I started with cooking more. It's easier to make sure your food is healthier if you make it yourself and use good ingredients and try to avoid the unhealthy things - although even those are better home-cooked than ordered.

That was my start. And then I started losing weight, which is great and what I want and it is hard work, but the secret is - surprise, surprise and so cliche - balance. It is all about moderation and learning that food is fuel so it should have nutrients (and a great taste), but that doesn't mean I will never eat ice-cream.

So instead of yo-yo dieting and restricting foods, I am just trying to eat better every single day. And that means lots of veggies and fruit, mostly plant protein and whole grains, but without being too strict. And it is working because while I am eating mostly things I cook and that are full of good nutrients, I am still indulging in occasional goodies.

To be honest, I am not entirely sure why it works so well this time. But it does! Some days it is a real challenge and if I have a day where I eat one too many chips then there is no issue because it's just one chip and tomorrow or next meal is a fresh start. Progress does not crumble because of a chip. In the past it only did because I wasn't strong enough, but now I have the mental strength to accept that maybe eating that second cookie wasn't the best idea, however it should not affect my next meal, or day, or week.

And there are many other challenges than one more cookie, like... this past weekend. My parents came over and my mum does cook food from scratch, but she uses way too much fat and meat and not enough veggies and she makes a lot of sugary treats. And while I did indulge in her treats, I managed to do it moderately and, yes, I gained some weight this weekend but it is way less than in the past when she was coming over or I was going there. And that's a victory in my book this time around, not a reason to say good bye to my healthy lifestyle.

// Andreea

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